Emma Andersson (emsen) wrote in xena20in20,
Emma Andersson

Round 04 - Sign ups! [CLOSED!]

Be sure to be a member of this community before you sign up. We won't accept anyone who's not a member.

Time to pick a color! You can chose any color you want. One person is allowed to chose black&white.
Only one person per color! The color has to be in 50% of your finished icon in each theme/category and artist's choice.

Copy and paste this into a comment and fill it in:

I will write below your name together with the color you picked.
Sign ups will close at August 25 9 PM Central European Time!

01. emsen - Red
02. jessica_eliza - White
03. xena4gabrielle - Indigo
04. undrwrldangel24 - Green
05. the_windowbird - Cerulean
06. whitephoenixes - Black
07. absolutelybatty - Purple
08. anarya_snow - Blue
Tags: round 04 - sign ups
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