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Round 03 - Themes!

Wiee we are already on our round 3 and I hope there will be many more!

Couple time! You can use whatever pictures you want BUT the whole couple has to be included in every icon (if nothing else is stated on themes/categories)!
Screencaps and Stills are both allowed!

If you wonder anything, just comment to this post and I will help you the best I can.
I hope you will have fun with this!

01. emsen - Xena/Gabrielle
02. vanima_luhta - Xena/Gabrielle [DONE]
03. anarya_snow - Xena/Caesar
04. jessica_eliza - Xena/Ares [DONE]
05. rosengrace - Gabrielle/Aphrodite
06. absolutelybatty - Gabrielle/Ares [DONE]
07. 0liquid_dream0 - Xena/Ares [DONE]
08. undrwrldangel24 - Gabrielle/Ares [DONE]

01. All icons has to be made for this challenge! No premades are allowed!
02. Animated icons are allowed! They have to follow LJ standards to be accepted though (under 40kb, 100x100).
03. The icons have to be made by you (obvious I know), just to make it clear.
04. Icons have to be posted in a new entry to this comm with the title "Round 01 - YOURCOUPLEHERE"
05. Only post 3 teaser icons, rest must be linked to your LJ where you posted the whole batch.
06. The post with all the icons have to be public until the voting is closed.
07. Post all your icons at once, don't post 10 in one entry and then 10 in another.
08. You don't have to worry about tagging your entries, I will do that for you.
09. All posts are moderated so don't panic if your entry doesn't show up directly!
10. You are welcome to use brushes, textures, text etc in your icons.
10. Deadline is August 26 2010 10 PM CET!

Themes (10 icons)
Make 10 icons following these themes!
Remember that you can ONLY use pictures of the COUPLE you chose!

01. Hug
A hug of some sort

02. Grungy
This icon has to be grungy (dirty) and yea look dirty. Like noisy textures, lots of stuff going on etc. Be creative.

03. Quote
Use a quote said by the couple or one person in it. If you use a quote said by one person in the couple, make sure it's said to the other partner! An image can be included in the icon too, of course.

04. Broken
Sad, or however you think when you hear broken.

05. Anger
Every couple have fights sometimes right? It's all about anger in this icon.

06. Weapon
The icon needs to include a weapon.

07. Texture
You have to use this texture in your icon:

By auvent

08. Hot
A hot moment.

09. Name mix
Do a name mix up of your couple. For example Xena/Gabrielle can be Xerielle, Gaxena, etc etc. Use your creativity. This can be just a text icon, but it can also include a pic/pics. Need to be of your couple though.

10. Saved by you
Where one save the other.

Category (5 icons)
Color: Red
All 5 icons has to include the color red of some sort.

Artist's Choice (5 icons)
Do 5 icons with anything you want, as long as you only use pictures of your couple!

Copy and paste this table and then fill in the "INSERTIMAGEURLHERE" with your urls of your images. Be sure right image is in the right place!
This should be posted in your own LJ and then post a entry in this community with 3 teaser icons and a link to the full icon table on your LJ!
Like you do when you post your icons in any icon promoting community, like xenicons.
You can change the colors of this table to fit your LJ if you want to do that.

DEADLINE August 26 2010 10 PM CET!
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