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About us

Welcome to Xena 20in20!

This is a 20in20 (20 icons in 20 days) challenge community focusing on the fabulous tv-show Xena Warrior Princess. Join us and participate in a fun active community for all Xena lovers!
How it works

01. First you sign up for the latest round. When all spots is filled in, the challenge will begin.

02. You follow the themes provided and do your icons before the deadline.

03. Post your icons using the provided table on your own LJ and then post and entry about it in the community with a link to your icons.

04. When all icons are in, voting will begin.

05. Banners are given to every winner!

01. You have to be a member of this community in order to participate.

02. You have to get your entries in before the deadline. If you can't make it, let the mods know!

03. Icons must be public until the voting is up.

04. No premades are allowed! All icons has to be new and made for every challenge!

05. Icons must be under 40kb and in the size 100x100 px.

06. We moderate all posts so don't worry if your entry doesn't show up directly. We will approve it as soon as possible.

07. Use the provided table to post your icons. You are free to change colors and fonts to fit your LJ though.

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